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“My way or I’llTake my ball and go home!”

2011 August 1
Posted by kittytrekn



 The other night I was listening to the news as I am sure so many other millions of anxious, pissed off, and frustrated Americans were doing when I received a phone call from a friend. Her voice was worried and on the brink of panic and tears she asked, “Did you see the news tonight?

“Yes” I replied.

“They have passed the bill, which will cut Social Security! And now my dog and I will be thrown out on the street! I won’t be able to get my heart medicine, or eat, or feed my dog! I have no family, or friends that I can turn to for help! I am all alone, and I know I will die!”

.” I tried to comfort her, but inside of me, my brain and heart knew and felt her panic and fear as her words sank in and buried themselves in my brain, “They are not going to allow that for I am sure that they will pull the rabbit out of the hat at the 12th hour. But, I couldn’t stop my imagination from running wild, and putting myself in her shoes feeling her fear, and seeing the consequences of the government’s reckless and thoughtless actions.  And I wondered what the government was going to do when they are faced with the millions of people that are going to be in this same situation, sick, and dying in the streets if they don’t do something to get this mess straightened out?

“OH, come on!” I can hear the nay- sayers scoff, “Aren’t you being a bit dramatic?

No, I do not think I am.  And here are a few reasons why I think this way regarding the possible  Social Security cuts:

#1.  I have NOT heard thru all this stupid, juvenile haranguing from BOTH sides of the parties just how they will take care of all the people that they are going to put out in the streets. How, will they feed, clothe, medicate the old, sick, and retirees, as they wander like the so many homeless that are out there now, as they blithely mouth the words of “Oh, well, Social Security, and the Military have to be cut.”

#2. All I have heard and seen thru the snippets of the news, both parties, yelling, screaming over the top of one another on just why their ideas are not any good. I did not hear SOLUTIONS to these problems.

#3. And what SMALL progress I do see is fraught with a pile of grownups acting WORSE than children arguing over what they are going to cut and no one coming to a solution because they all want to be heroes and think that their ideas are the best and that their ideas are the ONLY reasonable ones that will save the day. I have watched what happens when a possible good idea comes to the table and then like a bunch of sharks on a feeding frenzy, the rest of the parties dive in and shred it to pieces..

Too bad election is around the bend, for all of this posturing and empty words I believe is due to who is going to be elected and  how they will look come election time, and how they have been as clever as a fox as they have manipulated the public into believing that it was they that had voted for or against the bill making them look like heros to the people when it comes time to vote, and, they can stand up and throw their fist in the air and yell out, “SEE! I told you your idea’s wouldn’t work! Elect me, ‘because, I TRIED to stand up to the others and make them see that their ideas were all wrong and they just wouldn’t listen, and now look where we are. You elect me now, and I WILL change this to where we all can live in paradise.

This is all so bullshit… and unfortunately time after time after time, the people are duped into believing these lame duck politicians with the same tired crap coming out of their mouths and you know something…have you noticed just how they DON’T tell you HOW they are going to do this? But, that they will and can get us back on the right track?

But then the other day, my faith was bolstered a bit when I listened to the president’s speech. PLEADING for the people to wake up, go to their congressmen/women, and voice their unhappiness. I was proud of the way he took responsibility of the White House’s inability to solve this problem and that he was in essence disgusted with everyone.

He had a plan…true it wasn’t the answer to FIXING this problem, but, it opened the door to how they could, IF everyone would stop, listen and try to work as a TEAM, and it gave me hope that my Social Security wasn’t going to be cut, and my friend wasn’t going to be thrown out in the street with her dog to face the bitter winter, and starvation, and a heart attack.

But then the rebuttal came from House Speaker John Boehner…oh that was rich…all he did was play typical politician and bash Obama’s thoughts…without a plan of his own…He said NOTHING on what he would and could do to come to an agreement with the President…all he could do was act like spoiled child and point out the faults of this plan which in my eyes made him look like a fool, and it only branded in my angry and frustrated brain, just divided and sick our government really is.

I say, let’s hold their paychecks until these little children come to an agreement and stop holding the nation hostage to their dangerous games.  I guarantee that this mess will straighten up in a hurry! Their paychecks are part of the trillion dollar debt! And they are not earning a penny of it honestly!

I see two huge scary pay cuts that Congress and the rest are playing. One, the soldiers, and  two, the Social Security. Two of the most NEEDED programs out there and are the most vulnerable.

Why are these two programs constantly in the sights of this lazy government?

 I like to say because; all the other programs are too buried with the greedy politics that are tied up with big money, fear of the fat cats losing a precious dime,  lobbyists threatening the congress men and women their jobs if they don’t kowtow to what they want, Tea bagger’s dangerous conservative views. Right ‘wing nuts’ greedy judgments, and sadly to say, religious groups voicing their biased opinions that it’s all our sinful fault that we are in this mess, and God is punishing us for our ways…and all of these groups have their hands and voices in this tarry cauldron of witches brew mucking up what could be an easy solution if only they would shut up and listen to common sense, stop being so ‘me first!  And stop having the selfish, childish thinking of “I won’t do what you suggest  because it isn’t my way, and if you don’t do it my way I’m going to take my ball and go home!


I really feel sorry for Obama, especially since he stuck his neck out and admitted that the big fat cats needed to pay their fair share, but, that went over like a lead balloon, and of course that comment probably will be political suicide for him come election time, but, at least he had the balls to come out and paint the picture as it really is

This is the FIRST time I’ve seen a president take responsibility for the actions of his constituents, and now, just because he had that strength of character, I’d vote for him in a New York hot minute!

 I felt that at least he was trying to stop a train wreck, because he isn’t dumb, and I am sure he can see the writing on the wall that to cut social security, and the military’s pay, would cause such an uproar in this nation, and to say nothing of the utter collapse of peoples morals and beliefs, and cause the world to go into panic mode, as well as have the stock market go into such a deep dive that it will make the depression of the 30’s look like child’s play.

And also, play with the soldier’s pay? Yeah, that makes a whole lot of sense, especially when the government’s scare tactics has manipulated the US citizens to really believe that we need them over in the Middle East to quell a terrorist war.

 No, let’s not cut the soldiers’ pay, but let’s bring them home to protect our shores, and we will then be savings billions and trillions just in that effort…Let the world worry about themselves, and let’s get our own house in order and let’s stop being the police of the world. Remember Rome and what happen to all the nations that tried to become too big for their britches. We just don’t seem to learn much from history do we?

But, no, we can’t do that because of MONEY, and the greed around it. To hell with the people’s needs, just feed them the scraps just enough to keep them at bay, while the rich get richer, and like in history past, the poor get poorer, but, like the history in the past, the poor and middleclass will get tired of this, and there will be a revolution, and these greedy bastards will be thrown out on their ears, and hopefully put in jail like all the other criminals that choose to steal from others…

For isn’t cutting social security stealing?

We people have spent our younger lives working towards the time that we can retire to go fishing, travel, and just live out our lives in peace and happiness, and gee, what is the difference from a burglar that goes into your house and steals all your assets, to the government cutting off our retirement funds which we by faith  have put aside in a savings account to hopefully see it grow and give us a cushion of peace for our golden years?  Hmmm…let’s see…oh, gee, I guess there is no difference…and what happens to the thieves that get caught stealing from others?

Answer: PRISON

And what are we allowing these congressional “professionals “doing? We are allowing them to steal our money, and we are NOT doing a damn thing about it…to me it is like the Jew’s being led off to the gas chambers meek as lambs, and not uprising (except for pockets of resisters,) we have the lackadaisical thinking of “oh well, what can little ol’ me do? So, I guess I have no choice but to end up in the street’s starving, and dying, because I am just one voice.
DON’T THINK SO!” so come on people, raise your voices, continue writing to your congressmen, get into groups, and picket the white house, and make these congress folk see that you mean business, and that  we must keep our slogan of  ‘HELL NO! YOU WON’T TAKE IT ANY MORE!” It’s our money and lives that are being played with here, and I for one do not want to end up in the streets cold, wet, hungry, and eventually dying of some awful disease, or being killed for a tattered blanket!

Queer Times and Toons…Welcome

2011 July 28




WELCOME all you Lesbian gag

writers, cartoonists, political 

cartoonsts, political writers, poets, and Philosophers!

I have a huge HOPE, A   DREAM, and a DRIVE… 

that I  can and will gather all you SHY and yet want-to-be-cartoonists, political cartoonists, artists, poets, philosophers and writers to gather your talents and help me launch my blog that will tell the world that, “HEY ALL YOU people out there, WE gay women  folk count, and we HAVE TALENT. Come and LAUGH, get mad, have opinions, and all the other various emotions  as we open these doors to how we perceive what is going on in this crazy, mixed up world. Come and share your opinions on how we would like to see our little corner of the world run.

 My name is Sequoia Cougar and I am putting together a blog that will have sections that will include  fun cartoons, political gay theme cartoons, strips, spots cartoons, Editorial s for the political themes and sections  for short stories, poems, and philosophical ideas on the events of the world. I will have leading questions that hopefully will evoke drawings, ‘toons, or comments on how you feel about it.  

I have surfed all over the net and haven’t found ANY thing that will allow us women to voice our opinions, have a place to show off our work, and just generally have a meeting place to find others that share  like minds.  

Here’s your chance to strut your stuff get out there and sell gay themed cartoons to magazines, and newspapers. Meet and find gag writers for cartoons, and visa versa in hopes to become a winning team and earn recognition and some extra dough, and have a partner to share this with. 

  I want to gather a ‘market’ place to where you can send your ‘toons and hopefully be paid for it.  

I want a section of “HOW TOS” and get help from ‘experts, such as “HOW TO PUBLISH” your cartoons, “How to Blog” How to DRAW,”  

I am also looking for help. Help from those that can edit, help send out queries letters to magazines, and Newspapers. And just generally want to get involved with helping our fellow sisters get out there and have some fun and follow their dreams.  

I am new to blogging, and I can say that this has been a learning curve, I also can say that I DON’T trust it to get your replies back, so hopefully if ANY of you interested ladies want to learn more, please EMAIL me at:

Meanwhile I will TRY and keep learning about this blogging stuff and HOPEFULLY I can strut my own stuff to show you what I am hoping to achieve. Meanwhile I will be working on this blog which hopefully one day will evolve into a small ‘zine’, which I hope I can put some of your wonderful work in.  

No you will not get paid for it, at least NOT now, for it is my dream, and dreams costs, so, like any baby things I will have to grow into the big shoes here, and get recognized, and I am needing YOUR help to do this. But, what I am hoping to do is to get your work, and mine and MY IDEA out to as many zines and newspapers as possible, so that I can get their support. Then like any zine, run ads to pay for the printing, and running of Gay Times and “Toons. This, of course will be a long process, and in because of the new technology out there in the way of Kindles, and Blogs, and IPods, etc, then it will be a challenge on how to get our ideas out in front of all the other people that want the public’s attention.

I am looking for clean toons, no slanderous articles, but, I do want well thought out, and yes OPINIONATED articles, where the drawings and thoughts are powerful, and voice your ideas of what YOU see and how you would do it different.

I want your political ideas to reflect your thoughts on how ACTIONS of others are hurting us, and how you would like to have that changed.

 I am looking for articles and drawings on everything from religion, marriage, living conditions, relationships, and events of the WORLD, which include daily living that evolves ALL of us gay and straight, and these articles  don’t always have to be gay themes.  

I want to have the world see that our culture is NOT all about sex, or porn, or corrupting little children. through the media, they have unfortunately created a bad image of us, and I want to change that..

 I feel YOU can help by doing this, it will help change the opinions of the conservative groups out there that are so vocal and uneducated on our behavior.  

So, what do you say? come on out and help me spread the word that we WOMEN are very powerful, are equal and will not walk BEHIND any man or tyrant.  

Thanks  for your support,  Sequoia Cougar